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Best taobao assistant for foreigners who live in China

taobao order service

what we can do?

Taobaoparty can help you buy anything on taobao or anyother online stores, if you live in China, but can not use taobao, we are your best taobao assistant.

how to pay?

If you live in China, so i think you can use Via Wechat (wechat wallet), this is the best way to make payment.
If you can not use Via Wechat yet, you can use PayPal.

how we charge?

If you can use Via Wechat, we charge 5% of items fee as our commission.
for example, if your item price is 100 yuan, we only charge 5 yuan as our commission.
If you want use PayPal, commission 5%, but the minimum commission is 50 yuan per order.
for example, if your item price is 100 yuan, we need charge 50 yuan as our minimum commission.

why charge different?

Because Via Wechat is very convenient for us, and it not charge any fees.
But PayPal not only charges when you pay, but also charges when i withdrawal.

Contact us

Wechat: xybbuy
Skype: xybbuy01