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About customs


When you buy from taobao agent TaobaoParty, we help clearance at Chinese Customs, and will bear full responsibility if there are any problems with the Chinese Customs.
However, you must assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to the destination country’s Customs policies once the shipment arrives at the recipient’s country. If there are tariff requirements or confiscated goods in your country, we are not responsible for damage/loss. The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country.
Therefore, additional costs such as import duties and taxes, determined by the classification of a good, may be levied on the purchased products according to each country’s Customs policies. Such additional fees are not included in the item price or shipping cost since we have no control over these additional charges, and cannot predict what they may be.
These charges are your responsibility, so please contact your local Customs office to determine what the additional costs will be prior to buying.
Purchases subject to Customs clearance procedures will cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.
Because only about 0.3% of TaobaoParty delivered parcels have ever been taxed, so your parcels are almost always guaranteed to pass through Customs with no problems. However, once your shipment is withheld by Customs, you will need to pay the additional charges to receive your parcel.
TaobaoParty suggests its customers to take the initiative to find out their local Customs’ policies before purchasing. In countries with high rate of Customs clearance, additional fees are unlikely. However, in countries with low rate of Customs clearance such as Argentina, customers may be required to pay tariffs. In Japan, Customs are very strict; do not try to deliver fake items to Japan. 80% of parcels will be confiscated by Japan Customs. In Italy, Customs pay special attention to fake shoes; Italian Customs is the strictest among the European countries.
Having more than 5 of the same items in one purchase will also draw the Customs’ attention. If necessary, try separating the items into several parcels.
In some countries, parcel weight over 10KG will be considered commercial; Customs will block these parcels and ask you to pay duties. So please attention the weight of your parcel!

Tax and Duty

When the declared value is lower than the country’s general tax exemption amount, it is not normally tax package. If your package is taxed at your country customs, TaobaoParty is not responsible for that , and you have to pay the tax.
Tax exception amount reference:

Country Tax Exception Amount
Spain 30 USD
Switzerland 20 FRANC
Singapore 300 USD
New Zealand 300 USD
Russia 10,000 RUB
Japan 130 USD
Australia 1,000 AUS
European Union 22 EUR
Canada 20 CAD
United Kingdom 15 GBP
United States 200 USD

How to avoid tax?

  • Parcel weight over 10kg has a higher chance to be regarded as commercial package. We recommended that each consignment should not exceed 10kg if you don’t want to pay tax.
  • Avoid large quantity of the same product in the same package, since it has a higher chance of being classified commercial package. We recommend to divide into different packages if you don’t want to pay tax.

Forbidden items

  1. Candles, needles, knives, scissors, forks, pens, seeds, fishing nets.
  2. Solar panels.
  3. Discs, memory cards, hard drives, mobile power, batteries.
  4. A variety of cosmetics, including nail light therapy devices.
  5. Ink cartridges, toner cartridges, toner.
  6. Food – including coffee and pet food.
  7. Fake guns and knives – including props and toys.
  8. Animal fur products.
  9. Counterfeits items – various brand name logo trademarks, drawings, prints, etc.
  10. Plant and animal specimens.
  11. Cultural heritage crafts.
  12. Certain Magnets.
  13. Drugs.