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Delivery Methods

  • EMS international
    EMS international usually take 7-12 days to the destination. There may be delays during high-demand holiday seasons, reaching up to 10 - 22 working days.
    The status of the parcel will appear and automatically update on the EMS website three days after item has been mailed (During holiday season, 5-6 working days). If you have not received the packages after 12 working days, please track the information on your own country’s postal website or contact your local post office.
    TaobaoParty EMS international shipping fee list

    1, Fast speed.
    2, The costs for the parcels below 21KG are generally cheaper than that charged by DHL, TNT, UPS and FEDEX.
    3, Cannot be tracked and have no signing records in most countries.
    4, Large cargo above 21KG is not charged by kg, multiple parcel shipment is not allowed, only one waybill for a case of goods.

    Speical Notices:
    1, Unilateral length shall not exceed 120cm and circumference shall not exceed 200cm.
    2, The weight of single parcel is limited to 30kg.
    3, It is unsafe to ship items to Spain by EMS if the weight of parcel is over 7 kilograms. Their Customs is very strict about parcel weight, and we suggest you ship your items in separate packages to prevent a delay in delivery.

  • China Post
    China Post international package includes Air parcel, SAL parcel and Air Small Package.
    Air parcel is a cheap and fast way, it usually take 10-20 days to the destination.
    SAL parcel (Surface Air Lifted) is the cheapest way but slow speed, it usually take 20-30 days to the destination.
    Air Small Package is a cheap and fast way for parcel less than 2kg, it usually take 10-20 days to the destination.
    China Post may be delays 10 - 20 days during high-demand holiday seasons.
    TaobaoParty China Post shipping fee list

    1, Low price - Compared with other international shipping methods, China Post Air parcel and SAL parcel have absolute price advantage, the price of SAL is even lower than Air.
    2, Wide postal service coverage - The products can be delivered to a client located in almost any country or region around the world, as long as there is a post office.
    3, Provision of parcel tracking and query service
    4, Strong customs clearance ability
    5, Slow speed - Usually around 15 working days. Heavy or bulky cargo with low requirement for timeliness may choose this mode of delivery.

    Speical Notices:
    1, The weight is limited to 20kg (UK and Russia are excluded).
    2, Unilateral length shall not exceed 120cm and circumference shall not exceed 200cm.

  • DHL
    DHL is affiliated to the world’s top post and logistics company Deutsche Post DHL Group, which includes such business units as DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL E-commerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight and DHL Supply Chain. With its business covering 220 countries and regions around the world, DHL is a company with the highest degree of internationalization.

    1, Fast speed. Especially three working days to Europe and two working days to Southeast Asia.
    2, Large global service coverage.
    3, Strong cargo tracking ability.
    4, Strong customs clearance ability in Europe & the United States and the Asia-Pacific region.
    5, Excellent after-sales service.
    6, Separate price for large cargo above 21 kg.
    7, Prices of some weight sections are relatively higher.
    8, More restrictions on the items to be shipped, the shipment of many special goods are refused.

    Speical Notices:
    1, Parcel with its unilateral length exceeding 1.2 meters will additionally charge 270 yuan.
    2, Single parcel with its weight exceeding 70 kg will additionally charge 270 yuan.
    3, Delivering parcel to a war-stricken country requires additional charge.
    4, The value declared shall not exceed 5,000 yuan.

  • aramex
    Aramex is the world’s leading integrated logistics solution provider and a professional express company in the Middle East with international express as the core business. Its main business covers international express, freight forwarding, domestic express and magazine & newspaper delivery, etc. Headquartered in Dubai, ARAMEX Group selects local competitive air transport forces to transport to its transit center in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and then transferred to some areas of the Middle East, South Asia and Africa after customs clearance in Dubai.

    1, Low price.
    2, Fast speed. Usually 4-7 days.
    3, Excellent waybill tracking service after the shipment.
    4, Strict security check.
    5, No flight on weekends.

    Speical Notices:
    1, Aramex more suitable for small pieces, for large freight is not worth,
    2, General speaking Aramex used most for E-business, large pieces of package to the Middle East are cheap
    3, Aramex can help avoid tax when ship to Middle East

  • Cargo
    If you order large quantities of goods, we suggest you choose Air cargo, Ship cargo or Rail cargo.
    You can make a cargo order by yourself or ask our customer service for help.
    Air cargo usually take 7-12 days to the destination.
    Ship cargo usually take 50-60 days to the destination.

Parcel tracking