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taobao agent faq

1. Why i need buy from taobao China?


2. How much should I pay when I buy from taobao?

You need pay products fee, domestic express fee, TaobaoParty commission, international shipping fee, insurance fee (optional).
TaobaoParty MEMBER commission is 5% * (products fee+ domestic express fee)
TaobaoParty VIP commission fee is 3% * (products fee+ domestic express fee)
TaobaoParty SVIP commission is 2% * (products fee+ domestic express fee)
TaobaoParty TRADER free commission!

The minimum commission is 50 Yuan per order
How to become TaobaoParty VIP, SVIP and TRADER?
The order form will calculate the fees automatically.

3. Which payment methods does TaobaoParty accept?

TaobaoParty provide taobao order service, we accept, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer, etc.
If you live in China, we also accept Wechat wallet, Alipay.

4. Which delivery methods does TaobaoParty use?

TaobaoParty provide more delivery channels, such as EMS, China Post, DHL, Aramex, Cargo, etc.
We strongly recommend you to choose EMS, because it is cheap, safe and fast.
China Post is cheap but slow.
If you have your own ship carrier in China, we can send your parcel to your designated address in China.

5. When can I get my parcel?

EMS usually take 7-12 days to the destination.
China Post Airmail usually take 10-20 days to the destination.
China Post SAL usually take 20-30 days to the destination.
DHL usually take 3-7 days to the destination.

6. Is there any minimum order requirement?

There is no minimum order requirement. but the minimum commission is 50CNY per order.

7. Which sites can I purchase from?

We recommend which is the biggest online store in China.
We can also help you buy products on other online stores, such as,, etc.

8. What products am I allowed to buy?

TaobaoParty can help you buy almost every type of products except the contraband.

9. What products I can not buy?

We can not purchase animals, plants, large-sized cargos, virtual items, heavy metal raw material, toxic or radioactive heavy metal products, and items beyond our purchasing ability and other illegal products. Besides, we reserve the right to reject some illegal and unreasonable requests.

10. Will you help me check the products?

For clothing and accessories, we will check size, color, quantity and pattern. For electronic products, we can do some very basic checking, like whether the appearance is in good condition or not, whether it can be powered on and off. We cannot make sure that the inside parts or the software are the same, you are at your own risk.

11. Can you guarantee the quality of items I bought?

Sorry, we are not responsible for the quality of your items. If you are not satisfied with them, please inform us as soon as you can. Only in the case that the item is completely different from what you have purchased can we take responsibility.

12. Why does the store show the products are in stock, but TaobaoParty says they are not?

This is because the information about stock on Taobao webpage is not always true.
Listing on Taobao is totally free, and most sellers are individuals, the webpage is not always updated in time. It is not the same as EBay. EBay will charge sellers money, but taobao will not. This is the reason why sometimes you will get feedback that the goods are out of stock although the webpage shows they are available.
If some items out of stock, you can choose other items, of course you can also cancel them, the fee will be used as part of international delivery fee.

13. Can I cancel my order?

If your order is still waiting for process, you can cancel it.
If the order has already been purchased, we can help you return items to sellers, but you need bear double domestic shipping fee (Seller to TaobaoParty, TaobaoParty to Seller).
So, we suggest that make sure you want to buy before you plack order to us.

14. I live in China but do not have taobao account or Chinese credit card, can I enjoy your service?

Yes. TaobaoParty can help you buy products from no matter where you are, we will ask seller to send items to your address in China directly.

15. If I did not get my parcel, what should I do?

Please track your parcel status according to the tracking number.
If the parcel has reached your country several days ago, please contact the local EMS Company for more information.
If the parcel was lost or sent back to China, please contact us immediately.

16. If my parcel lost during the delivery, can I get compensation?

For the insured parcel, TaobaoParty will give you full compensation if the parcel lost during the delivery.
For the uninsured parcel, TaobaoParty can only refund the international shipping fee for you.
So we strongly recommend you to choose insurance for your parcel.

17. If items or parcels are confiscated or disposed by customs due to violation of import/export law, what should I do?

TaobaoParty is not responsible for confiscation or disposal of items by customs due to violation of import/export law, there will not be any compensation.
So please learn about the import/export law of your country before place order.
Learn more about customs