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About Parcel Tracking

Parcel tracking


  • What should I do if I can’t track my parcel?
    If you come across this problem, please verify the following:
    1, Did you enter the right tracking number?
    2, Did you choose the right tracking website?
    If you answered yes, please contact our customer service to check for you.

  • Everything is right, why can’t I find information about my parcel?
    Usually, it’s because the information has not been updated by the shipping company.
    1, Please wait at least 3 days for tracking information to be posted.
    2, If the parcel was sent during public holidays, the information may be available after the holiday.

  • Why is the status not changing in tracking status page?
    When your package leaves China, it will be put in queue to be delivered to your country. During this transit, the status will not change, so it is common to see your package stuck in the status “Dispatch …” This transit is the longest process, and usually takes 7-10 days (or up to 30 days during busy seasons).

  • When is the busy season?
    Busy season is November to February every year due to Christmas and Chinese New Year.

  • What should I do if I did not get the parcel after a long time?
    If you still have not received your parcel 30 days after the shipping date, please contact us to help you track your parcel. TaobaoParty customer service will request the China Post Office to provide us with the tracking list of the parcel.